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Last week, many members of The American International Club of Nerja participated in Nerja’s Residents’ Day along with organisations of the varied resident Nationalities that make Nerja a great Ensalada Mixta. With the wonderful support of the Nerja Town Hall, our Club had two booths; providing good food and information about our Club’s social and philanthropic activities. What a great day!

The Charities which Club members donated to this Residents’ Day were: Asociacion de Video Creadores Cortos Vista de Nerja (1,000 Euro), A.A.H.H. NerjeñasRosario Navas‘ (350 Euro), Instituto Enseñanza Secundaria Sierra Almijara (350 Euro).

The Club’s Food booth sold homemade Sangria and tapas of homemade Empanadas, Bocadillitos of homemade pimento cheese spread and green olive cream cheese spread. One ‘large-size’ member from Marbella supported our Club – coming back for thirds!

Our Club’s Information booth sold recipe booklets compiled of members’ recipe’s, plus hand-knit oven mitts. This booth also provided information about our Club goals, events and philanthropic acts. Supplies, booklets and food items were generously donated by our Club members. Both Club booths earned over 385 Euros, all put towards our Club’s 2012 Charity Fund – and very satisfyingly, our Club gained eight new Members that day!

Our Club’s strengths rest on our Members who volunteer to help out, and that day they were: Rena Dunne, Pettit Flood, Herb Rowe, Derek Geelon, Cynthia Chapman, Karin Hartwich-Knight, Paula Mackey, Tony Senior, Jack and Susan Gilmour, Christopher Carnrick, Len Latham and Arthur Knighton.

As one can see, Residents Day in Nerja was a resounding success – the Plaza filled to capacity, fully lined with coordinated booths via the Town Hall, enjoyable food – entertainment – presentations all day long which also catered to the various Nationalities, and the weather was ideal!  Another AICN event in line with our motto, “If it isn’t fun, we don’t do it!” Anyone interested in knowing more about our American International Club of Nerja and future events, can call Len, our VP at: 685779153 or visit our Web Site:…. come join in the fun!

(Club News Section: American International Club Nerja)

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