Unhealthy Interest in Mother-in-Law

(Sevilla) The Guardia Civil have arrested a man who allegedly put a spy-camera, hidden in a pen, in his own mother-in-laws bathroom… Is nothing sacred?

Yes, 34-year-old N.R.T., who comes from El Viso del Alcor (Sevilla) was denounced by his highly unamused m.i.l., after she discovered a ‘suspicious pen’ in her bathroom, realising that she was not aware how long it had been there.

The Guardia Civil drove over, inspected the pen and found it to possess both a recording and replay capacity. Amongst the recorded images was some footage of the accused – not a bright lad, obviously. The recording showed how he aligned the camera with the bath and then sat in it to see how it would come out… but he didn’t erase these ‘tests.’

Once confronted with the irrefutable proof, our budding film director confessed to having placed the sneaky gadget in this unmentionable place.

(News, El Visor de Alcor, Sevilla, Andalucia)

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