Bird Park for Lease

Remaining with the bird park, the Town Hall is beginning the process of handing over the running of these municipal installations into private hands after 23 years.

The lease will be for a 2-year period and will run at 88,438 euros per annum. The sum was arrived at by calculating the number of visitors foreseen over a year (21,459) multiplied by the first figure that came into their heads….

Nah, just kidding! The figure was multiplied by the price of the average entrance ticket. The money received up to visitor 21,459 will be recuperated by the leaseholder, but if the number of visitors falls short – tough!

Hmmm… My advice? Barbeque the bloody lot, slap up meal, plenty of booze and then turn the park into a cockroach farm for masochist outings – do I hear a taker from the Almuñécar branch of the Royal Naval Association?

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