Illegally Elevated

Are you sick and tired of raised zebra crossings across town, knocking the hell out of your car’s suspension? Well, you have every right to be as many of them are totally illegal, which is something that has not escaped the notice of the PP opposition party.

The two-year grace period for townships to bring existing ones into line has long since expired, but not only has Almuñécar not got its proverbial finger out, they have constructed even more along the new paseos of San Cristóbal and Velilla. The blister speed bumps besides being the worst kind are also the most illegal.

The PP reminded the Town Hall that to be legal the raised pedestrian crossing must have a metre ramp either side, and have a minimum breadth of four metres – yeah, right! Furthermore, the minimum distance between them is 150 metres and they must be adequately signposted.

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