Mickey Finned & Mickey Taken

You would really think that your luck was in, if two attractive ladies had decided to accompany you back to your flat for a touch of horizontal gymnastics, wouldn’t you? However, upon regaining consciousness after the somniferous effects of the benzodizcepina had worn off, to find that your flat had been cleaned out to the rhythm of your unconcerned snoring, you would realise the ‘luck’ and a similar 4-letter word ending in ‘uck’ had not come your way on that occasion.

Such was the modus operandi of these industrious ladies of hazy ownership conceptions. In fact, they had pulled off this ‘sweet dreams, sucker’ stunt on no fewer than 25 occasions.

The Guardia Civil finally caught up with them in Garrucha (next to Mojácar) Almería. The women selected their victims – normally elderly and not short of a bob or two (well off) – via the Internet.

Unfortunately, the drug used caused one victim some serious after effects, thanks to his heart condition – he had to be taken to hospital and placed in the ICU. His heart condition had also been aggravated by the loss of 30,000 euros in jewellery, cash and computer equipment…

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