Hash in a Cave

Courtesy of: José Antonio Martín Framit

The Green Meanies (Guardia Civil) discovered 480 kilos of hashish that had been hidden in a cave, only accessible from the sea, on Cerro Gordo of La Herradura.

According to the seaborne branch of the Guardia Civil ,El Servicio Marino, drug runners are increasingly using this kind of hiding place to store large quantities, so that smaller amounts can be distributed from these almost inaccesible caves to ‘customers’ on the coast.

The police launch took a closer look at the cave in question, Cueva de las Palomas, when they saw blue, plastic bags near the entrance, and upon closer inspection discovered a total of 16 packets of hashish polen, weighing in total 480 kilos.

small fishing or pleasure craft can come and go from these caves without causing suspicion, so this smuggling method is turning into a favourite for drug runners.

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