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Expensive Baggage

SPN Airport Stash 1

Security checks at Valencia airport found several suitcases containing around a million euros in cash – they belonged to Chinese citizens.

Frenchman Nabbed over Hashish

The Motril Port police arrested a 52-year-old from Bouge Chambalud in France for drug smuggling; he was found to have had six kilos of hashish hidden in the false bottom of a large olive container.

3-Years for Drug Smuggler

The Motril Court has sentenced a man to 3-years in prison for trying to smuggle drugs into Spain. The vehicle was stopped at the Port of Motril and found to have a false bottom, which contained 338 kilograms of hashish.

Málaga Contraband Climbs

Thanks to the crisis, one of the few business sectors that is growing in the province of Málaga is the illegal contraband in tobacco and alcohol. Of course, Málaga isn’t the only province where this is happening, nor is the phenomenon anything new, because smuggling is as old as the hills and always flourishes when times are hard.

Airborne Smugglers Nabbed

Talking of aircraft, the chap who flew hashish from Morocco off the Motril coastline in a helicopter has been found guilty of drug smuggling and being in possession of illegal substances.

Smuggling Yacht Trial

And talking of Narco Nabbing… the case of a yacht, skippered by a Swiss, 67-year-old man and crewed by a younger Italian companion, which was caught carrying drugs, is coming up shortly.

Hash in a Cave

The Green Meanies (Guardia Civil) discovered 480 kilos of hashish that had been hidden in a cave, only accessible from the sea, on Cerro Gordo of La Herradura. According to the seaborne branch of the Guardia Civil ,El Servicio Marino, drug runners are increasingly using this kind of hiding place to store large quantities, so…