I caught up with an old colleague of mine this week, Candace Edwards, who runs the Weightwatchers meetings every Wednesday morning in Nerja. We were chatting about the extent of Weightwatchers as a company and that 2 years ago they launched the programme in China. They now operate in 35 countries around the world and although the cultures may be very different, the reasons members attend meetings are similar.

Accordingly, when you sit in these meetings around the world talking to members, it really could be any country . The challenges are all the same too: it’s all too easy to overeat and move too little. And the excuses that we all use are similar also, “It’s too hot/cold/wet to exercise,” “ I’m too tired/busy,” or “ I didn’t want to refuse food or appear rude.”
We all know the reasons for increasing levels of obesity in the Western World; less physical activity, the decline of the sit down family meal and the abundance of cheap unhealthy food and for us here on the Costa Tropical, heading towards the end of a summer (well me anyway), too many visitors, too much wine and too many tapas!

For further information on Weightwatchers meetings in English near you, call the English speaking Call Centre on 900 818 656

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