Site For New School?

school to be sited nearbyPhysical education is the subject being discussed more that any other in La Herradura. The problem being the ongoing and long standing, lack of facilities for school children here in La Herradura.
Last month saw a visit from the Mayor, and a demonstration by the students who are demanding “decent sports facilities now!”
The ruling to keep students in during recess has been slammed by the students as a punishment, on top of not having any facilities to practice sport; they say they are now being restricted.
“It is not a punishment, but a measure to ensure their safety. 170 children from 12 to 16 years cannot be on the streets of La Herradura during recess,” said the Board of Education delegate, Ana Gómez.
For some 14 years now the school has functioned without any sports facilities, although for some time they were using the sports area and courts on the beach, but this had to stop, as there was no insurance cover for students using such facilities.
Ms. Gómez wanted to make it clear that the aim was still to get a new School built, but hopes that changes in the status of play areas near the current school will allow pupils to use them, and the use of the municipal hall for other activities, although not ideal, this will tide the school over until something more permanent can be built.
“We must put aside confrontation,” Ms. Gómez concluded.
Since writing the above, I have noticed a recent article in Ideal with the headline Benavides offers land for new school next to controversial sports centre.
So, the Mayor has now offered this 11,232-sq/m plot as a site for the new, much needed, school. However, other parties and some cynics are asking questions as to just how generous this offer is.
The first question being asked is about the legality of the sports centre, and if this land is only being offered in an attempt to create a situation where the sports centre would have to be declared as legal. In answer to this, Mr. Benavides said that the school and the sports centre are two completely different projects, and any future school building would have no bearing whatsoever on the sports centre issues.
The PGOU has been amended and made available for the public to view the plans and voice any objections.
As a footnote, the plan also has two large plots next to the proposed school that will be used for ‘subsidized housing, with the whole thing being drawn up by La Herradura architect, Raul Parra.

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