Kürbis & Kaviar

There is a little hidden gem located opposite the church in La Herradura. It is called Kürbis & Kaviar (kürbis is the German word for pumpkin). It is a combined art gallery and studio owned and run by two very creative and talented ladies, Andrea Auer and Rosario González.
Of course, this being a column written for and about wise women such as them, I was curious to learn more. When I stopped by, Andrea was working on her newest and very beautiful painting of a horse in full gallop. Andrea is originally from Salzburg, Austria, but like many other artists who live here, she was drawn to the beauty of the Costa Tropical and decided to make the move to La Herradura two years ago.
Before moving here, she owned and operated an art gallery in Austria, also called Kürbis & Kaviar. She has had a passion for painting for many years and has studied under various famous painters such as Bernhard Vogel and Gerhard Almbauer. Although she masters all painting techniques and mediums, her preferred choice is watercolour.
She told me she met her Spanish business partner, Rosario, while exhibiting her paintings at Felicia Hall, where Rosario worked at the time. When Felicia Hall closed its doors, these two talented ladies seized the opportunity and decided to partner together and open Kürbis & Kaviar. They celebrated their first anniversary on March 21st.
What makes this place so unique is that it is a combination of an art gallery – offering ongoing exhibitions of local and outside talent – as well as an art studio. If you are strolling about in La Herradura, I recommend that you stop by and admire the vast collection of paintings, ceramics and sculptures on display here – admission is free, of course.
They are open every day (except Sunday afternoon and Mondays) from 11:00 – 14:00 and from 17:00 – 20:00. The location is pristine, open and spacious with many art objects for the eye to behold. There is also a beautiful and serene garden at the back where some of the sculptures and ceramics are showcased as well.
More than likely, you will get of glimpse of Andrea working on her latest painting or Rosario giving a demonstration at the pottery wheel. If you stop by on Wednesdays or Fridays between 11:00 and 13:00, or on a Saturday afternoon, you will see art-in-action, seeing as these are the days when students come to be taught and inspired by Andrea and Rosario.
The two ladies have combined their respective talents – Andrea teaches painting classes and Rosaria teaches ceramics. In fact, there is a ceramics course during Easter week if anyone is interested. Andrea says that anyone, no matter what level, can join in their classes and workshops. Her philosophy is that anyone who wants to paint can learn. Painting is meant to be fun and joyous. Read more about them and this popular place at www.kuerbis-kaviar.com.

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