Tampering with Penary Meetings?

Talking of pigs, over at the Órgiva Town Hall – Nah! Just kidding! – the resident councillors have been complaining about the governing party tampering with the times of the plenary meetings.

You see, back in July of 2007, everybody agreed that plenary meetings would be held at a civilised time, which wasn’t the case for the plenary meeting held at the beginning of December, according to the spokesman for the PP, Antonio Trujillo. In fact, Stoney Tony said that any decision taken during that ill-timed plenary meeting could possibly be considered ‘null and void’ bless him.

Does that mean that the councillors won’t be paid for their time during that meeting – *Gasp!* Somehow, we can’t imagine that the gentleman that raised the point would go that far. What will Mary the White’s response be? Off with his pods?

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