La Caleta Not Happy

SAL Caleta WorksThe neighbourhood association for La Caleta is not happy, thanks to ambiguous declarations made by the Councillor for Urban Planning in response to the accusation raised by the opposition party, IU, over the street work being carried out to bring water from the Gambullón wells to Monte Almendros.
The problem is that the road connecting La Caleta to Salobreña remains cut (at the time of the writing of this article), which means that people from La Caleta have to walk along the main road if they want to reach Salobreña.
But it’s not only that, because the work on laying the pipeline cuts right through the municipal annex, right past the baker’s, the village shop, the tobacconist’s, and the local bar… is nothing sacred?
It appears that with depressing regularity the mains water springs a leak, flooding the streets and necessitating that the whole road be dug up yet again. For that reason, the neighbourhood association would like the owners of the pipeline to fix the problem once and for all so that they don’t have to go through this ‘incommunication’ (with the bar) again.
Lastly, the association points out that as the Town Hall has received plenty of dosh (money) from the Regional and Central Government, wouldn’t some of it been better spent on this particular problem? Whilst they recognise that the green areas of García Lorca and Antonio Marchado are necessary, they don’t consider them to be urgent – certainly not as much as their particular problem.

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