Mirador de Cerro Gordo

Now moving on to La Herradura, what is the best thing about Mirador de Cerro Gordo? Is it the location, the food or just how good the team working there is? Well the location can only be described as stunning, and I do not use that word lightly. Of course, I mustn’t overstate things, to ensure fair play amongst all the restaurants in the area, but if there is a better location to enjoy truly excellent food, than sitting in the Mirador de Cerro Gordo at sunset, then I have yet to find it.
Kevin and his team in the kitchen produce ‘wow-factor’ food day in, day out, and you can turn up at 11.00am and enjoy coffee and cake, or at lunchtime you could partake of a platter of tapas or a light lunch, and in the evening you can delight in the a la carte menu.
The food is consistently superb, beautifully presented and you leave feeling that you have had ‘an experience’ and not just a nice meal out, and a big part of that experience is due to the ‘front-of-house’ dynamic, overseen by Alix, whose knowledge of wine and how it can compliment the dishes on offer, makes the whole experience complete. Helpful, enthusiastic, multilingual staff make up a top team.
Find Mirador de Cerro Gordo at Mapspot 8, and for reservations call on 958 34 90 99 or 659 78 50 11. www.miradorcerrogordo.com.

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