Lorry Tips Over on N-340

Yet another lorry came to grief on the N-340 just outside our village, this time near to the Punta de la Mona junction. It appears the driver of the North African registered heavy goods vehicle lost control on the bends just after the tunnel heading west, and ended up on his side and hanging over the edge of the drop, just prior to the ‘turnaround’ to come back up towards the tunnel.
The driver was injured, but his condition to date is still unclear. His load was agricultural wire, and according to some reports, much of which seems to have gone the way of passers-by and local people.
The lorry, trailer and what remained of the load was later recovered, there was minimal disruption to traffic, with just the ‘turnaround’ section being closed until everything had been recovered and the road cleared. The barriers that, although completely flattened, probably slowed the lorry down enough to prevent a complete tragedy, have now all been replaced.

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