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Just like any other month, I popped in for a chat with Sergio at Clínica Del Mar, on C/Alhambra in La Herradura. We usually just talk about mutual local friends, his tennis skills or our mutual love of Mac computers. While we were chatting, Mónica came out to greet one of her patients with a cuddle and a kiss. It was then I said to Sergio what a relaxed atmosphere the place had for a dentist surgery. At which point he decided to enlighten me further…
Clínica Del Mar is streets ahead when it comes to technology and innovative, creative thinking. They don’t just get you to have a crown fitted and take a few impressions…. Oh no, they have the very latest CAD/CAM technology, which builds any kind of plate, crown or implant with computer directed lasers. Sergio very kindly gave me the accuracy ratio, but I glazed over after 3 or 4 zeros… it really is space-age stuff.
But not just teeth are being treated here… this is a multifunctional clinic with patient access to Acupuncture, Aromotherapy, Laser Hair removal, there is even a fully qualified gynaecologist.
Of course, those of you who know me realise I look much younger than my true age, but if I was to take advantage of all the services available at Clínica Del Mar from hair and wrinkle removal to getting myself the perfect set of gnashers, I reckon I’d leave the place looking about 15!
I was lucky enough to have a chat with Mónica, who puts the success of the clinic down to its relaxed friendly atmosphere and that they all speak two or three languages. She estimates that between 70 and 80 percent of the clinics clients are foreigners and some that even travel from other European countries to be treated. Clínica Del Mar will even find accommodation for such clients during their stay!
This fantastic clinic may have started off in 2000 as just a local dentist but it is now so much more, a real La Herradura success story.
Clínica Del Mar, C/Alhambra, 2 Loc, 6 Bajo, La Herradura. Tel. 958 827 929

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