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Cuddly Sing-along and Melancholy Tango

Sweden and Finland offer fantastic musical events during this summer, with chamber music, opera, jazz, rock festivals, you name it. There are gigs and festivals for every taste, but I would like here to take up two of the most typical and folksy summer festivities; Sing-along at Skansen in Stockholm (Allsång på Skansen) and the Finnish Tango Festival in Seinäjoki , Southern Ostrobothnia.

Culture in the Rain

During the rainy second week of July we paid a visit to Sweden to meet our dear friends and undertake a cultural trip to the beautiful landscape of Dalecarlia, this time with the main purpose of educating ourselves in the field of classical music. We arrived at our hotel in Tällberg in pouring rain, and thus did not see much of the beautiful landscape. It has been said that, “If you are visiting Sweden and the county of Dalecarlia without visiting Tällberg, it’s like attending a wedding without meeting the bride.”

You’ll Never Walk Alone

The last fortnight of October was surprisingly quiet in German politics, except that the immigrant bashing is ongoing. Political heavy weights are wading into the debate now, but not adding substance to it. I hope I shall be Spanish enough for the Spanish once they start. After all I am an immigrant (from the right…