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Increase at the Pumps

By Martin Myall

If you have recently filled up at your local gasoline station then your are already aware that the price of fuel at the pumps has gone up. »

Accused Priest Treated Unfairly

By Hugh MacArthur

"My brother will never return to Spain alive," says the brother of the Motril priest arrested on paedophile charges in Venezuela. »

Motril Priest Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

A priest from Motril, Iván Merino, has been arrested on paedophile charges in Venezuela, where he has his parish. »

Venezuelan Expulsion

By Editor

A Motril law court has sent three men and two women back to their country of origin – Venezuela, on a 10-year minimum expulsion order. The reason for it is that firstly they were here illegally, and secondly, they had tried to get hold of 1,800 euros that a sub-manager of a savings bank... »

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