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Explosive Find

A man who had recently purchased a second home was surprised to find a strange object that suspiciously looked like dynamite in one of the rooms. This took place in Cidones (Soria) on the 11th of January. He informed the Guardia Civil, who immediately sent round a bomb-disposal team from Burgos (Grupo Especial de Desactivación…

Targeting Outsiders? (I)

The Mayor of Salobreña, Avelino Menéndez, has been known to make controversial comments before, but in an attempt to justify the new IBI rates, he might have plunged himself in even deeper. Judge for yourself:

Targeting Outsiders (II)

Under the new IBI system, anyone that has a second home in Salobreña – and we’re talking about 8,000 second-home owners – will see their IBI contributions go up by 90%. But – and this is a big ‘but’ – Salobreña has the lowest IBI rates on the coast.