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The Return of Patrimonial Tax

Last September the Spanish government passed a new decree related to a temporary patrimonial tax for the fiscal year 2011/2012. Law 13/2011 of the 16th September was justified by the economical crisis and the need for the government to compensate the increasing deficit. According to the law this tax will be temporary and will apply to the fiscal year 2011/2012 and will have to be paid in the tax declaration of 2012/2013.

Lawyers on Strike

(Province of Granada) Granada’s lawyers have decided to suspend their services to the state as abogados de turno de servicio; i.e., defence lawyers appointed and paid for by the state where the defendant is unable to pay his own legal fees.

Consumer Rights

In Spain, the travel industry is regulated by several laws and most importantly the ‘law for consumer protection.’ The latest version is the Royal Decree 1/2007. Like in any consumer activity at the purchase of a travel service, both consumer and travel operator agree either implicitly or explicitly on a contract.

Renovation Works and Rental

When renting a property, it is not always obvious who has to pay for works in the premises. In Spain the law is clear about the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant. Law 29/1994, applicable to both residential use and commercial use, makes the distinction between two types of works: Maintenance works and Improvement works.

Enforcement of Foreign Judgements

It is becoming common nowadays to see lawyers from countries within the EU requiring the enforcement of sentences passed by tribunals in other EU countries. For example, if your debtor has moved to Spain, leaving no assets in his home country, you can still enforce the legal resolution in Spain. Another example is child custody…

Legal Aid

The Motril School of Lawyers have recently announced that any person with limited resources will be able to contact them for assistance. Any citizen of Motril or its municipalities who wishes to speak to a lawyer can now contact them on 958 824 956 to make an appointment between 09:00 and 15:00 hours. You’ll obviously need to speak Spanish or have someone with you who does and will need to prove you would qualify for this service.

What to Do…

Although it’s definitely not a nice subject, we have to face the reality that one day we might be confronted with the death of one of our relatives.