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Lawsuit Loony

Well, New York has now produced the lawsuit to beat all lawsuits… Anton Purisima, 62, decided that he would sue just about everybody he has ever met and some that he hasn’t. The amount he is looking for in this action? Two undecillion dollars! That is a two followed by 36 zeros.

AK47 Meal

We’ve all been a little bit disappointed with the service we receive on occasion. But it could only be in the US where staff fail to complete part of an order at a fast food restaurant and the customer, instead of filling in a complaint form, or asking to speak with the manager, he returned to the restaurant carrying an AK47 to get his point across.

Living in America

Watching the morning TV news the other day, I began to muse upon the American attitude towards foreigners, and foreign Countries. Tricky to define, I concluded. You can’t really call Americans xenophobic – mainly because the majority have never met a foreigner. No, the best word I could come up with is “insular”. For example, the demise of the little-lamented Colonel Gaddafy got a couple of minutes. Likewise, the bail-out of the Greek economy by the ECB, at a cost of gazillions.