Defunct Chiringuito Squatter

It was a couple of years ago when Chiringuito Calabré on Playa de San Cristóbal in Almuñecar closed its doors after decades of existence; from 1963, in fact.

It had weathered the successing economic crises over the years and Covid, of course, overhauling the decor and expanding into a new terrace area, but everything reaches its end.

It finally went under in 2022 and the grandson of the original owner (Antonio Rodrigo, who had passed away) closed the doors – a chunk of Almuñécar history had disappeared.

The problem was that the lease, which was still in the name of the grandfather, had expired. The family had tried to renew the lease but to no avail.

The Junta de Andalucía still shuffle paperwork on the lease, so the Town Hall hasn’t been able to lease it out. In fact, the Town Hall is not even sure what they want to do with the premises; i.e., what sort of business would be able to use it. The Town Hall already has a nearby chiringuito on its books, Las Rejas.

However, in the meantime an eccentric squatter moved in, Sergei Vladimir Campo González, who is of Cuban origin but with Russian nationality from back in the days of the USSR, thanks to his parents having moved to Ukraine.

(News: Almuñécar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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