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I wonder if I might use the pages/pixels of the Seaside Gazette to suggest a new (to the area) meeting group.

Hi Martin,COS Veterans Breakfast Club

In the UK (though there are a couple in Spain) there is a ‘Group’ called the Veterans Breakfast Club. So what is it and what do they do? Let me explain.

A few days ago, I met a chap I know; a fellow Veteran. I’m ex Senior Service and he was in the para-military wing of the Air Cadets. We had a quick coffee… and it was three hours later when we looked at the time. During this time chatting, the idea of Breakfast Clubs was mentioned. Neither of us have ever attended one.

The idea of a Breakfast Club is that any Veteran can just turn up. There is no formal club, no fees (just pay for your coffee/beer at the time) there is no committee, no hierarchy, in fact No nothing… yes, double negative, I know!

It is merely a place where you have a coffee, bacon butty and chat, for as long or as little as you wish to see your peers. Share a story, talk about the weather, ask for help with; say Military pensions — who knows!

Rather than my trying to explain it, there is an umbrella UK website if you search using Google. However, simply put, you turn up at the venue, buy a drink sit down and start chatting. It’s amazing how quickly the stories start! If you don’t like it, leave and never return! For the cost of a coffee! Meetings could be monthly, fortnightly or weekly, making attendance easily available for everyone.

A veteran is legally someone who has served in the Armed Forces for one day. A lot of people don’t like the idea of going along to more formal, ex-military groups – this seems to be the niche served by the Breakfast Clubs. Partners and carers are welcome, though I suspect most partners will have heard the stories already and may wander off!

Further, I’d suggest that as we are all living in a foreign land, that we also extend an invitation to the Veterans of other nations.

I have a venue in mind, in Almuñécar, central, with plenty of free parking very close — stand by possibly excluding August! A lovely Spanish place which does both bacon rolls and egg banjos with excellent coffee!

If this has whetted your appetite, could you please leave a comment — anony mouse is fine, just so that the amount of interest can be assessed. Cheers All! (Hoo Rah for the Americans!). Hope to see you soon.

Barnacle Bill

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