Drunk and Going Wrong Way

The Traffic Police arrested a driver over a dangerous-driving incident after driving the wrong way down an autovía.

GRA A-92 Guadix AreaThe 62-year-old man, who is also facing charges for drink driving, was spotted at two in the morning, on Sunday the 20th, driving up the wrong ramp onto the A-92 at the 268km junction within the municipality of Guadix; i.e., driving eastwards on the westbound lanes.

The Guardia Civil despatched a patrol car from Gor to intercept him on junction 318, but he sailed past without stopping, so the patrol car set off in pursuit in parallel (on the correct lanes) with their siren and lights activated. Finally, they managed to get him to pull over at the 338 junction.

They breathalysed him and got a reading of three times over the limit. He was taken to the Guadix Guardia Civil post to be booked and his car was parked up on the junction waiting to be towed away to a police vehicle compound.

(News: Guadix, Montes Orientales, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: infocostatropical)

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