Five-Year Old Killed by Dog

A 5-year-old child died Sunday morning after being attacked by a Belgian Sheep Dog in the town of Lucena, Córdoba.

AND Dog Attack Child LucenaAccording to a local, online news source, Lucena Hoy, the attack took place around 03.00h in a house just off the Carretera de Rute.

It was the victim’s parents who rushed the child to the medical centre in Lucena but the doctor there could only confirm that the child had died from the fatal wounds to the child’s neck and chest.

The medical staff immediately contacted the police whose initial questioning confirmed that the attack had occurred inside the rural house where family worked as the house carers.

The dog’s microchip confirmed that it is the property of the house owner and is presently being kept by the Policía Local until the judicial authorities decide what is to be done with the animal.

Again, according to Lucena Hoy, both the parents and the child were asleep in the house when the dog carried out its attack.

The affair has been passed to the Policia Nacional for further investigation and the house has been cordoned off, as can be seen in the accompanying photo, until further notice.

(News: Lucena, Cordoba, Andalucia – Photo: Lucena Hoy)

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