The Worst Ever Ski Season

The takings at the ski station are 60% down on the previous year; and that's even with their having to shut down early, in March 2020.

GRA Pradollano Sierra NevadaThe company that runs the ski station, Cetursa, calculates that it is 38,000,000 euros down, owing to the early closing in March 2020 followed by the restrictions throughout the 2020/2021 winter season.

And there are the private businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars and shops, etc who have had it just as rough, if not more so. They’ve just about spent every penny of their savings they had to struggle through.

Since the 12th of April, Sierra Nevada was the only Spanish ski season still open and functioning, but the union representing the ski-station workers (CCOO) has criticised the company for not remaining open longer.

On the other hand, the Asociación de Empresarios de Sierra Nevada considers that staying open was just not viable given the recent increase in restrictions with nearly 40 municipalities locked in and the provincial porters closed, too. To have remained open, considers the Chairman of the association, Enrique de la Higuera, would have just prolonged the agony.

“Opening up the station for only a hundred skiers would be senseless,” he concluded.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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