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Electricity bills are almost impossible to understand, even for Spaniards, but if your understanding of Spanish is vague, then wouldn't it be nice to get it in English?

PP Evergreen ElectricaEvergreen Electrica has been supplying domestic & business customers, throughout Spain, for 12 years. The basis of their success has been offering very attractive market rates, all backed by billing and excellent customer service in English & Spanish.

The main product they offer is called Index and this gives their clients the market rate for their electricity, for a small handling fee of €5 per month.

“Electricity bills can be confusing at the best of times, so by offering our English speaking customers a bill in English, they can easily see what they are paying for and why”, says Phil Mitchell, Commercial Manager for Evergreen Electrica.

All prospective customers have to do is, send in a recent bill (both pages) to sales@evergreen-electrica.com and you will receive a quick response outlining how they can help.

You can also call them on 951 383 896 and one of the native English speakers will explain the simple & seamless process. There is nothing to lose, so why not get a free assessment of your bill to see what you can save!

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