Woman Rescued from River

AND Malaga River RescueA woman found herself stranded on a islet in the middle of a river after a dam up stream opened its floodgates and released millions of litres of water.

The incident was reported around 10.30h this morning when passersby spotted the woman on a diminishing tiny island in Río Guadalmedina where it runs through the city of Málaga. The riverbed, which normally has little or no water, suddenly had to cope with a surge of water released from El Pantano El Limonero

The woman, who had been out walking along the riverbed rapidly found herself cut off on a raised part of the riverbed opposite Calle Mariscal and La Goleta bridge. This is where she was spotted by the passersby

Fortunately the city fire service was able to reach her and bring her out and as she had suffered no injury, she did not require medical assistance.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Malaga, Andalucia)

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