State of Alarm for Madrid

SPN Ayuso vs IllaThe Central Government has declared an Estado de Alarma which affects the Comunidad de Madrid and effectively prevents an exodus this bank holiday.

This move follows the Madrid Regional Supreme Court overturning the Central Government’s previous attempt to close the border on the region of Madrid to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Twice the Spanish PM, Pedro Sánchez phoned the regional PM for Madrid, Isabel Ayuso, asking her to close down the border, the second time just before the Lockdown was to come, to no avail. In fact, on the second occasion this morning her reply was “let’s discuss it.” The PM lost his patience and went ahead with the Lockdown.

The Estado de Alarma will remain in effect, unless extended, for the next 15 days and will affect five-million Madrileños.

There was a legal void of around 48 hours between the Supreme Court verdict and the coming into force of the Estado de Alarma when the residents of Madrid and its greater area, consisting of conurbations (smaller towns fusing into one continuous urban area) were left wondering whether they could or could not leave the area for this bank holiday; travel plans were made, reservations taken, but now to no avail.

The regional PM’s allies, Ciudadanos, whose vote gave Madrid to the PP, tried to reason with her but she apparently did nothing between the Supreme Court verdict and the Estado de Alarma, which came into effect at 15.00h today.

A list of large cities within the Comunidad de Madrid:
Alcalá de Henares, Alcobendas, Alcorcón, Aranjuez, Coslada, Fuenlabrada, Getafe, Las Rozas, Leganés, Majadahonda, Móstoles, Parla, Pozuelo de Alarcón, San Lorenzo del Escorial, San Sebastián de los Reyes and Torrejón de Ardoz.

(News: Comunidad de Madrid)

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