Leaping-off-Rocks Fines

ECO Jumping Off Rocks BannedKids going back generations have been jumping off high rocks into the sea, be it from the Peñón in Salobreña or the Calahonda cliffs but its going to stop.

It’s got nothing to do with Covid-19 but, as the First Councillor of Calahonda, Concepción Abarca, explained, it’s about the growing number of adolsecents doing it, making the probabilty of somebody being seriously hurt or even killed, a mathematical certainty.

For this reason, the Motril municipality dependency of Calahonda (Entidad Local Autonómica) decided to impose fines starting last weekend when five fines were issued.

The First Councillor admits that many in the town won’t understand this prohibition but, she says, it is her obligation to make sure that safety comes first. However, she was never sure which administration was responsible: her own, Costas or Capitanía Marítima, when it comes to putting up warning signs. Yet, even though they still haven’t been put up, the fining will go ahead, imposed by the Motril Policía Local on duty there.

(News: Calahonda, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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