Phase Three!

GRA Phase ThreeAgainst all predictions, the Central Government has allowed Granada and Málaga to move forward with the rest of Andalucía into Phase Three.

Readers will remember that these two provinces were kept in Phase One whilst the rest of Andalucía moved on to Phase Two. The reason was on that occasion each province had to carry out the obligatory 2-week wait between phases to make sure that there has not been another outbreak.

However this time, after just one week in Phase Two, we have been allowed to move forward to the next phase.

This will come into force this coming Monday with all the implications that it brings with it, such as mobility, and the maximum capacity allowed for establishments in the Hostelry Sector.

We will give more details on what those changes will be in our next article this afternoon.

(News: Granada/Malaga, Andalucia)


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