Reader’s Letter: Advice Needed

Readers LetterDear Mr Myall

My husband and I are here on holiday checking out area for long-term let due to recent retirement. Whilst here I experienced an incident and write to ask for your or any readers advice please.

The rented villa we are staying in has like most, tiled floors but an indoor jacuzzi which the condensation made the stairs from the lower floor to middle floor slippery and I ended up in hospital having stitches to a nasty cut on my right leg.

It is a shame because besides the pain of the leg and bruises on back and hips, it has meant I could not do the walking around as much as we had planned and had to stay in the villa when my husband tried the ski in Sierra Nevada.

I am seeking advice on how to make a claim against the insurance of the property for failing to highlight the dangers verbally or in the many pages of guidelines and rules left out for us about this condensation and to ensure this does not happen to any future renters.

Can you help please?

Sindy Carmichael-Brown

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