Protests over Imam Deportation

SPN Policia NacionalThe Muslim community of La Rábita has been protesting over what they consider to be the unfair arrest and expulsion of the local Imam.

Family and friends, who were accompanied by over one hundred people who had taken to the streets to protest with them, have lodged an appeal against the preacher’s deportation to Morocco at the beginning of this month.

They have also been out collecting signatures from those who wish to support the Imam because, they say, the allegations that he had been preaching radical messages are “absolutely false.” The family also considers that the preacher’s fundamental rights have been violated.

According to the family’s lawyer, Félix Fernández, there had been no judicial backing to the police investigation and that his client was denied the guarantees offered by the Constitution.

He went on to say that his client had not been officially arrested, nor had had his rights read to him, nor was he called to make a statement.

Furthermore, once back in Morocco he was briefly interrogated by the Moroccan police and then immediately freed without charges.

(News:La Rábita, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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