La Ventura – Almuñécar

PP La VenturaFernando and the team at Restaurante La Ventura in Almuñécar run a superb bar and restaurant and the Flamenco performances are really impressive.

Yes, we say this quite often I know, but you really must book if you want to get a table… I’ve been there and seen the disappointment on people’s faces when they just show up and there’s no room.

As mentioned above, there’s live Flamenco which is performed every Thursday and Friday from 9.30pm.

This veteran restaurante can be found on Calle Alta del Mar, just up from Plazoleta de la Rosa; in other words close to the underground parking under the Paseo del Altillo.

Beautiful venue, great entertainment, excellent food, friendly staff… have I missed anything? No? So ring 958 882 378 or 677 032 628 and book now!

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