Personal Mobility Vehicles

ALM Bylaw Mobility ScooterAlmuñécar has just put into force a bylaw which covers Personal Mobility Vehicles, such as mobility scooters, Segways, monocycles and hoverboards.

The Ordenanza Reguladora de la Circulación de los Vehículos de Movilidad Personal (VMP) was proposed by the Traffic and Citizen Safety Department.

These kinds of personal vehicles have been around a while now but have lacked coverage in existing municipal regulations. Once upon a time it was easy to distinguish between pedestrians and vehicles, but with the appearance of a whole array of personal mobility vehicles, things have become blurred; hence the new bylaw.

There are three categories:
Small vehicles that do not exceed 20 kph: 2-wheeled, battery-driven foot platforms (hoverboards) and mono-wheels. This first category can be used on bicycle lanes, parks, pedestrian streets, pavements and paseos as long as they do not exceed the speed of pedestrians. (walking speed).

ALM Bylaws SegwaysLarger machines such as the ‘auto-balance’ (Segways) and electric mobility scooters, weighing 50 kg that can reach 30 kph.

This category can be used on any urban street as long as they keep well to the right. They cannot be used on pavements or other pedestrian-prioritised ways. They must also travel in the established direction; be it one-way streets or dual-direction ones.

The last category is for tricycles, which, depending on their use, are subdivided into (C0) personal use; (C1) for tourists and (C2) for moving goods. For the C2, think old-fashion, ice-cream vendors with two wheel in front and one behind, for example

ALM Mobility Devices 2-wheeledThis last category (tricycles) cannot travel in green areas, pavements or parks and must obey the highway code and not exceed 25 kph: we’re talking about peddle taxis for tourists, basically.

The 3rd Category (C1 & C2); i.e., pedal vehicles for tourists (children) can use the bicycle lane and little-transitted streets.

So you have an ‘invalid carriage,’ electric wheelchair or mobility scooter and are asking yourself how the hell this affects you, it’s simple: if you have a small one (not being personal) then you can use pavements, paseos etc. as long as you keep to walking speed.

However, if you have suped-up one with a V-12 Rolls Royce Merlin engine that you bagged off a Spitfire, a cow-catcher on the front and sabres on the axles, then you’re going to have to use the road just like any other motorised vehicle.

In other words, 20 kilos, or less = wherever the hell you would walk, if you could; 50 Kgs and capable of seeing off a Ferrari, keep to the roads in town, keep to the right, no handbrake turns, wheelies or tyre burn outs.

ALM Bylaw MonowheelAnd the information just goes on and on, and whereas you were mildly interested when we started out, you’ve by now become comatose in desperation, so that’s it.

(News: Almuñécar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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