All in a Day’s Work

GRA Sierra Nevada Mountain RescueThe mountain-rescue services in Granada were busy last Saturday, rescuing people both at 2,900 metres up and also much closer to sea level.

The mountain-rescue service, SEREIM, belonging to the Guardia Civil had to rescue a climber who had fallen 500 metres from a rock face below Mulhacén Peak, while another unit had to fish out a canyoneering enthusiast from the Junta de Los Rios after he had twisted his ankle.

The first call out was at 16.00h involving the mountain climber who had taken a tumble near the Laguna de a Mosca. A witnesses to the accident had phoned in to say that they could see him moving, although he didn’t look very happy.

Just three minutes after receiving the call, another one came in concerning the hobbling abseiler in the Junta de Los Ríos just above Otívar.

So, the mountain rescue personnel on duty divided into two teams to rescue the two victims of accidents about 2,400 metres apart in altitude.

A helicopter took one team up to Mulhacén and had soon picked up the climber, who had a dislocated shoulder and was bleeding from the mouth, and from whence he was flown to Granada’s main hospital, the PTS.

At 18.30h, the now unoccupied team was sent to Otívar to help out their colleagues sorting out the victim down there. The SEREIM personnel were also helped out by members of the Federation of Potholers, which often uses the said waterfalls.

Owing to weather conditions in that area the helicopter could not be used.

The victim was half way up the waterfall route so it wasn’t until 22.30h that they finally got him out of the canyon, but it didn’t end there because they then had to carry him on a stretcher for about four kilometres, so that the operation didn’t end until they had finally got him to the hospital around three in the morning.

Both victims were back home before the weekend was out, suitably patched up.

(News: Granada, Andalucia – Photo: still from video)

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