Bogus Endesa Visits

AND Bogus FittersWe’ve all heard about bogus gasmen who target pensioners, either by carrying out inspections then charging ridiculous amounts, or stealing valuables, but here’s new scam.

Well, this time, it’s bogus electricians from Endesa. There haven’t been any cases down here in the south of Spain yet, but there have been in the north.

An elderly woman received a call from “Endesa” to say that she was having unusually high consumption peaks and they would be coming to see what the problem was.

A man and a woman turned up, dressed in overalls with Endesa logos on them, and started to inspect the sockets. After a while they asked to be shown where the main fuse-box was because they needed to install a special device to stop dangerous surges and that it would cost 160 euros – and that’s how the scam works.

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On top of that, whilst the woman kept the victim occupied, the man pocketed small valuables that were lying about.

What to do if this happens to you. First of all, don’t let them in and tell them to come back, then phone the police to say what happened and when they will be returning.

Whatever happens, don’t let a gasman or electrician through the door, no matter how convincing they appear. If you didn’t ask somebody to come round, then don’t let them in.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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