Salobreña Peñon Reserve?

SAL ChiringuitosThree professors at Granada University (UGR) have published a study on El Peñon de Salobreña, proposing the regeneration of its ecosystem.

Its actual state is very deteriorated, they point out and cite the existence of concrete structures built on the rock.

The professors; Prof. José Gómez Zotano, Prof. José Antonio Olmedo Cobo and Prof. Emilio Martínez Ibarra say that the Town Hall and the Junta have an opportunity to “optimise its management and protection.”

They go on to point out the fact that the coast of Granada has suffered urban encroachment as well as farming, in recent decades which has degraded the “fragile coastal ecosystems.”

Thus they call for the setting up of a “micro-reserve for flora” on the peñon itself with a surface area of 8,022 sq/m, which will protect an area of high ecological value.

Furthermore, they hope that such a micro-reserve would serve as an example or ‘pilot scheme’ for other such small areas of ecological value which are currently under threat.

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The Peñon Reserve would be marked out with access paths and information panels. The concrete structures would be removed, as well as “invasive species.” Furthermore, species of plants that once grew there would be reintroduced.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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