Bathers Help Beached Whales

SPN Beached Whales 01 OnLBathers on the island of Lanzarote were amazed to see a herd of pilot whales beach themselves at their very feet. What followed was caught on video.

Diver Natasha Maksymenko was on the Playa Las Coloradas when the tide and waves brought about a dozen of these small whales virtually onto the beach on the 18th of August.

The people, although startled at first, spontaneously waded into the water to turn them around – meanwhile splashing them with water to keep them cool – and get them away from the beach. Some bathers swam out with them to deeper waters, guiding them.

Imágenes y vídeo de Natasha Maksymenko / Rubicon Diving en Las Coloradas, Playa Blanca, Yaiza, Lanzarote. 18 de Agosto de 2016.

(News: Lanzarote, Balearic Islands)

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