English-Language Film: Trumbo

ALM film TrumboThis week’s English-language film in Almuñécar is Trumbo and will be screened on Tuesday the 12th.

Synopsis: In 1947, Dalton Trumbo was Hollywood’s top screenwriter, until he and other artists were jailed and blacklisted for their political beliefs.

Starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren, Louis C.K., Elle Fanning, John Goodman and Michael Stuhlbarg, the film is set during the communist witch hunt under Joseph McCarthy and the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

Anti-communist, Hollywood columnist Hedda Hopper is played by Helen Mirren and actor John Wayne by David James Elliott.

That’s Tuesday the 12th at 18.00h at the Casa de la Cultura.

(News/Entertainment: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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