Motorized Picnic Tables

Thursday, November 19, 2015
By Hugh MacArthur

Nobody does unconventional better than the Aussies and the incident involving motorized picnic tables complete with beer-swilling occupants is proof of it.

The Perth police were not that impressed with this novel transport, which competed with cars, vans and lorries along Scarborough Beach…

Well, you can be sure that they haven’t passed their ITV (MOT). In fact, the police say that they are concerned for the safety of the ‘table riders,’ and of course, if they are involved in a traffic accident, then the brown stuff would hit the fan.

Yes, the cruising picnickers could face a selection of fun charges, such as driving an unlicensed vehicle, driving a not-exactly-roadworthy vehicle and drink driving – wasn’t aware that they could make that last one stick in Australia… just saying!

Anyway, before leaving you with the Australian TV report, I would point out that this is not the only unconventional transport to appear in recent years; readers might remember the man arrested for riding a motorized beach cool box….

(News: Stirling, Perth, Australia)

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