Soldier on Hunger Strike

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
By Martin Myall

SPN hungerstrikeLieutenant Luis González Segura is on hunger strike, after publishing a novel that denounced squandering and authoritarianism within the armed forces. He began it on the 17th of July, one day before entering into military detention.

Actually, more than the novel itself, entitled “Un Paso Al Frente” (Taking One Step Forward), he received two months base arrest for the comments that he made in promoting the book.

So what did the lieutenant actually say to promote the book? Well, he said that on base, for example, there exists a sort of “pseudo-mafia behavior” where military justice is far from independent. That’s like telling the S.W.O. that you’ve been “seeing” his daughter, for God’s sake!

The Army Chief of Staff, General Jaime Domínguez Buj, was not impressed, which is why he imposed the punishment that he did. The Ministry of Defence accuses him of making statements contrary to Military Discipline, which in British military jargon, for example, would be ‘Conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline.”

Quite apart from what he said at the book presentations, he could quite possibly be ejected from the ranks for the content of the book, which, one would imagine, he didn’t run past his Commanding Officer before handing the manuscript to the publisher.

(News: Spain)

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