Diabetic in Coma for 36 Hours Unoticed Dies

A young man of 20 died after entering a coma because of his diabetic condition – he had been lying unconscious in this manner for 36 hours on a parked bus. None of the passengers or the driver had noticed him when they left the bus.

The man had got onto the bus at 19.00h on a Friday evening. During the trip he had exchanged several SMS’s with a female friend but the messaging had stopped abruptly. Neither did she receive a call for him upon arriving, as they had arranged.

Next morning, having heard nothing from him, the girl contacted his parents who immediately reported him as missing to the police. They, in turn, went back over his travel plans and then contacted the driver of the bus on that trip and asked him if he had seen him get off and if when he had parked the bus he had checked to make sure that there was nobody still on board.

Having his doubts, he went to the parked bus in the garage area of the bus station and to his horror found the man slumped across a seat in the back.

The man was rushed to the regional hospital in Huéscar in Aragón but the doctors were unable to save him – the damage to his organs had become irreversible.

(News: Aragon, Spain)

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