Reform Work in The Almuñécar Town Hall

ALM Townhall workAnybody who has wandered into the building will see that there is a lot of building work going on inside.

The Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, says that it is being done in order to create a ventanita única, which literally means one (tiller) window but really means one-stop attendance for all your town hall enquires.

At the moment the banging around is happening on the 2nd floor where all the ‘economic services’ will be housed. After that they will sort out the 1st and ground floors.

In the meantime, Urbanismo (Urban Planning) has been moved across town to behind Playa San Cristóbal on Calle Amelia Sánchez de Alcázar (next to Hotel Victoria Playa).

“The objective of this building work is to have an Oficina de Atención al Ciudadano (OAC) where all municipal affairs can be handled. We are also adapting the building to new regulations concerning accessibility; i.e., so that people with mobility difficulties can have easy access to the bathrooms and departments,” explained the Administrative Organiser, Antonio Laborda.

The majority of the office space will be open plan with only a few offices, such as the Mayor’s one as separate rooms.

Another task is the overhaul of the IT system, with everything being concluded by the end of this month.

Not everybody is happy with this.

The ex-Mayor’s party considers this expenditure unnecessary, especially when there are so many without work and struggling. They consider that the Mayor is out of touch with the plight of locals. In the opinion of the CA/PA, it is shameful that the Mayor is spending resources on giving themselves new, designer offices for their personal comfort.

They go so far as to say that the Town-Hall staff “whisper (in fear of reprisals) that this building work makes no sense and has not taken into account the opinion of those that work there.”

Well, readers can make up their own minds on this one.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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