Unfortunate Record

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is a very popular tourist attraction in Norway called Preikestolen, also known as the pulpit; a stunning, vertical cliff face amounting to a 600 metre drop. Until now, nobody’s fallen off. However, a Spanish tourist has now become the first.

We’re very tempted to say something witty, but, of course, there’s a grieving family out there… and this is Internet, so we won’t… not even a little bit. Not a peep…

Anyway, the victim, a young lad from Valladolid, which is a very flat area of Spain… plummeted from the look out area around four in the afternoon, whilst attempting to take a photograph.

Now, when you consider that around 200,000 tourists visit this natural wonder everyday, it is quite amazing that only one person has fallen off to their death – after all, it is not as though you “fall off” and come away with a nasty bruise, is it? Think about it; 200,000 people… a bit of shoving, step back for a wider shot and before you know it you’re the first back to the car park.

Anyway, it was four o’clock and the guide was telling everybody to clear the area. The lad was with two friends, who started to make their way down, but he decided to get one last shot of the drop, which turned out as one last shot at the drop.

The friends turned when they heard somebody scream, they ran back, but there was nobody there.

A rescue team managed to retrieve the body, with the help of a helicopter. The body was taken to the University Hospital of Stavanger were an autopsy was carried out – not quite sure why, mind.

The look out area, by the way, has no safety barriers but it does have a lot of notices warning people to take care.

(News: Norway)

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