Almuñécar Bird Show Winds Down

ALM Bird ShowThe XXVII Concurso ornitológico ‘Ciudad de Almuñécar’ 2013 winds up on Sunday with the prize giving ceremony. Tomorrow is the last viewing day, and you can visit the exhibits between 10.00h & 14.00h and 17.00h & 21.00h, which are housed on the ground floor of Edificio Plaza Mayor.

And there are plenty of birds to see – 1,436 to be exact, brought in by breeders from the provinces of Málaga, Almería and Granada.

The Chairman of the Asociación Ornitológica Cultura y Deportiva de Almuñécar, José Alaminos, explained that there are 850 entrants to be judged for their colours, there are 105 Psittacidae (basically the parrot family) there are also 40 gallinaceous (wild fowl such as pheasants, turkeys and grouse, etc).

The birds will be judged in the following categories: plumage (colour), posture, European fauna, exotic, hybrids and budgerigar-parrots.

(News/Events: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, andalucia)

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