Full PDF Dowload of the Seaside Gazette Now Available

shop-bannerWe’ve cracked it! The PDF downloads of the full Seaside Gazette have been dogged by teething problems but it is now working. The cost is a symbollic one euro per download payable via PayPal or credit/debit card

Finally, nobody needs to have one sent out to them or put by for when they come over – you can download a full PDF of the Gazette at the beginning of the month, probably before it reaches some of our out flung, paper-edition, distribution areas, and view it on your desktop, laptop or tablet – you can even print out the section that you are most interested in.

Click on this link (https://www.theseasidegazette.com/pdf-downloads/) or go to the mag and see the Download banner.

If you have any problems, whatsoever, contact me, Martin at sales@theseasidegazette.com

Thanks for your patience, Folks.

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