Tow Truck Rebellion

An irate local in the provincial capital of Granada has denounced a municipal policeman for trying to tow away his small van.

The incident occurred at 11.30h one morning along Calle Sócrates when the municipal police were in the middle of towing away a van parked in the loading/unloading area. The owner received a tip-off from somebody and he rushed out before they could put the clamps on it prior to taking it away.

The policeman in charge, known locally as El Pavaroti, even though the process had not begun, would hear nothing of it a ploughed ahead.

The van owner, a young man who had put everything he possessed into a small business despite the struggle, was determined that the policeman would not have his way and stood, right in front of the tow truck, refusing to get out of the way.

Many people saw what was going on and witnessed that the clamp had still not be put on the van before the driver appeared and who just could not understand the attitude of the policeman. Such was the charged atmosphere that reinforcements were called in.

When the patrol car turned up, seeing that half the street was up in arms against his stubborn attitude, El Pavaroti took a back seat, keeping out of the way whilst his companions tried to calm things down.

The owner of the van at no point refused to pay the fine, but what he didn’t want was his livelihood towed away with his merchandise inside.

In the end, the driver paid 40 euros for the fine; in other words, receiving a 50% discount for prompt payment but was able to drive his car away. However, it didn’t end there because the driver had no trouble finding witnesses amongst the irate bystanders for him to denounce the policeman for ‘abusing his authority’ by claiming that the clamp was already on when there were seven witnesses who testified that it was not.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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