Doggy Beach

What about a little used beach dedicated to mutts? Well that’s what the Almuñécar IU is proposing and perhaps it will have quite a few in favour.

Under municipal bylaws all along the coast you cannot take your dog onto the beach; not even in the winter, for obvious reasons, but for dog owners a chance to walk your dog on the beach without disapproving scowls and possibly even a fine winging its way to your pocket, could be a godsend.

The beach that the IU has in mind is the one between Chinasol and Cotobro, which quite frankly looks like a rubble tip at the best of times, which explains why it is little used. So, why not? You would be obligated to pick up any droppings and put them in litter bins, as you would along any street of the town.

IU Councillor Fermín Tejero, points out that this idea has been put into motion in other municipalities, such as Casares in the province of Málaga, where it worked well last summer, he says. In fact, it went so well that they’ve decided to adopt the idea in the city of Málaga, too.

Anyway, the proposal will be taken to the next Town Council Plenary Meeting with the idea of using Playa Chinagorda; i.e. the one in the photo.

If you think it is a good idea, why not send us and email and we will make sure that the IU get it.

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