Not Good Self Opinion

While many Germans might not have a good word to say about the Spanish, the Spanish themselves have an even worse opinion of themselves.

A stunning 86% of Spaniards asked, considered that Spain is a corrupt country, whilst 75% consider that the litany of corruption scandals are damaging the country’s image abroad.

The Real Instituto Elcano published their survey on the 19th of June and the truth is the average Spaniard is not surprised by the result, which is hardly surprising has just over half considered that Spain is not worthy of trust.

“At the moment, the general public is obsessed by corruption because more cases are continually appearing in the country’s media,” explained Javier Noya from the institute, who was in charge of the survey.

Further points were that 61% considered that cases of political corruption cause the most damage to the country’s image, followed at quite a distance (21.8%) by those who considered unemployment as the prime cause and followed at a similar distance (6%) were those that consider that the financial system was the most prejudicial element.

Summing up, the Spanish are far more critical of themselves than citizens of other countries when it comes to evaluating Spain. In Germany, for example, only 47% associate Spain with corruption and 60% of them feel that the Spain is trustworthy.

But it is not all negative because eight out of ten Spaniards are proud of their nationality, 77% highlight the degree of solidarity within Spanish society.

(News: Spain)