Royal British Legion

Recently it was announced that a long-overdue medal is going to be awarded to the men who served with the Arctic Convoys. Considering that the convoy was active over 70 years ago, one could say that their bravery and courage should have been recognised and rewarded many years ago, however, as the saying goes – better late than never.

Congratulations and thanks should go to Jim Bromley of Nerja branch who was one of those involved. When you speak to veterans of those times you cannot help but be impressed by the modest way they talk of those days of hellish anticipation and fear, but also of the comradeship and cohesion they knew too. Speaking of veterans brings to mind something which was mentioned at one of our recent lunches, I quote from the Annual Conference

“We are often thought of as an old man’s organisation. In fact, the average age of those people we are helping is reducing. 25% of those who seek our help are now under 45 and we believe that number will continue to increase. We help every age group and generation – providing life long care to those who serve and we will be there for them for the rest of their lives.”

And a quote from a poem by Peter Southern:
“Take a look in the eyes of a veteran and tell me what you can see,
Seems strange to call him a veteran and he is still only twenty three.”

This month saw a group of the Nerja branch and friends ‘doing’ the San Miguel brewery and very interesting it was. I think we all were impressed by the quantities of beer being produced in a very slick operation. The trip is very well organised and ends with an opportunity to sample the goods. We enjoyed a lovely spread of snacks and beer before returning to the bus for the journey back to the Eclipse restaurant in Caleta de Velez for a superb lunch. The thirty plus group were a happy and lively bunch and everyone agreed it had been a very enjoyable day. Many thanks go to Nick and Sue Ball for organising it.

Our regular lunches continue both at Al Andalus hotel in Maro (3rd Thurs, every month) and Peña Parda in La Herradura (1st Friday of every month) and all are welcome. Anyone wishing to join us can contact Dave Graves (Chairman) on 654085811 or, or Marilyn Adams (Secretary) on 609 545 413 or

Residents Day is being held in Nerja on Sunday 14th April and RBL will have a stand and a tombola stall. Anyone who is interested can chat about the RBL, its aims and achievements, and how to join the Branch or to just join us for lunch. The profits from the tombola go entirely to the TRBL and thanks go to Dorothy and Dave Allen for all their efforts in organising it. Let’s hope the weather is fine and we see lots of you there.

Dorothy Graves,
PR, Nerja Branch TRBL